Septic Tanks

Septic Tanks in Preston, Chorley and the Surrounding North-West Areas

Not every property has the facility to connect to mains sewage systems. One-off homes in rural areas, for example, have no option but to install a septic tank on the property to deal with waste services. The only alternative is an extremely costly installation of a drainage system that connects to the nearest sewage pipeline. Financially and practically, it makes sense to opt for a septic tank instead.

Based in Preston, A&D Drain Services Ltd offers a range of relevant services to private, domestic, commercial and industrial clients in order to ensure their septic tanks are continuously working at peak efficiency. Not only can we empty the collected waste and dispose of it appropriately, our high-pressure water jet system will clear the tank of all solidified waste and residue.

Good for the Environment

Septic tanks, when regularly maintained, can last up to 50 years and beyond. This offers its own advantages as property owners have an independent system that deals with all household waste cleanly. The filtering system within the tank separates liquids and solids, disposing of the waste water into a soakaway or drainage area. Using naturally occurring processes, bacteria then breaks down the remaining contents of the tank. This negates the use of chemicals.

Updated septic tanks now treat the liquid before drainage, allowing the cleaner product to flow into natural resources rather than soakaways. This is beneficial to the surrounding plant and wild life.

The installation of septic tanks also encourages users to be more considerate about what products are flushed away or drained through plugholes.

A&D Drain Services advise having the septic tank at your Preston or Chorley property de-sludged on a regular basis to stop solids building up and causing the drains to back up. For properties with more occupants, commercial or industrial premises, and developments, the tanks should be checked and emptied even more frequently. We can assess the system you have in place and the type of household or property in question, and advise you accordingly.

If you have noticed any of the following issues, then your septic tank will require emptying:

  • Backups in the Pipework
  • Foul Smells from Plugholes
  • Pooling Water Around the Tank
  • Slow Drainage Throughout The Property

We are also approved to carry out regular inspections throughout the north-west. All septic tank installations and drainage systems must adhere to British Standards as outlined in the following:

  • BS EN 12566 - Small Sewage Treatment Plants
  • BS 6297:2007 - Drainage Fields
  • Accompanying Documentation Must Have a Certificate of Compliance That’s Recognised in the UK
  • The Tank Should Clearly Show the CE Mark
  • The Installed Tank Must be Recorded on British Water’s List of Approved Equipment

If you are concerned that your septic tank doesn’t comply with these regulations, please contact us at A&D Drain Services.

Developments in the North-West

Septic tanks are becoming a more popular option for our commercial, industrial and property development clients. Where connection to mains systems is not viable, larger septic tanks and treatment plants that deal with a higher volume of waste are not only kinder to the environment, they’re a more cost-effective option over time.

Our company is fully capable of dealing with larger systems, as well as the tanks installed on private properties. We have the equipment and the expertise to ensure all manner of septic tanks and treatment plants are working perfectly at all times.

For more information about our cleaning, repair and maintenance services for septic tanks in Preston, Chorley and the areas we cover throughout the north-west, please call us on the number listed below.