Drainage Services

Professional Drain Unblocking in Chorley, Blackburn and the North-West

As an ISO14001 registered company, we provide drainage services that adhere to a strict code of practice. This is done to minimise the impact our business has on the environment. Blocked or damaged drains can cause serious issues as liquid waste and sewage will seep into the earth rapidly. Not only does this harm plant life, animals and people can be affected by foodstuffs grown in contaminated soil.

A&D Drain Services Ltd are focused on maintaining a safe and clean environment throughout the areas we cover in Chorley and Blackburn. We’re renowned for our professional drain unblocking services, drain surveys and septic tank maintenance.

Drainage Services

For private, domestic, commercial and industrial clients throughout the north-west, A&D Drain Services offers the following facilities:

Cess Pool Drainage

These temporary sewage storage tanks require regular emptying as they don’t contain any outlet facilities. Common in locations without access to mains systems, such as camp sites, we can arrange a regular maintenance contract to ensure they are never at risk of overflowing.

Deep Sewer Cleaning

Accustomed to confined spaces, our professional team uses safety equipment, modern technology and powerful high-pressure water jets to thoroughly clean any contaminated sewer in Chorley, Blackburn or the surrounding areas. Our tankers are sizeable enough to hold waste from even the largest systems.

Drain Repairs or Replacement

Fully trained in all manner of drainage operations, our team will repair damaged drains in order to avoid potential leakages. Where necessary, if repairs won’t be sufficient, we’ll remove the section instead and replace it with a completely new and cost-effective system.

Drain Inspections and Surveys

For insurance claims, or to assess drainage systems prior to treatment, our hi-tech CCTV cameras will source any issues in real time. As a result, we can provide our clients with a full report and supporting video. From these reliable assessments, we will carry out the appropriate service.

Gully Sucking

To avoid overflowing gullies on public roads, forecourts and carparks, A&D Drain Services will remove any blockages, leaves and debris from the drains in order for rainwater to flow naturally. We use specialist vehicles for this service which can be incorporated into a regular maintenance contract.

Lining Systems

An alternative to drain replacement, this modern method of securing pipework is cost-effective and less intrusive, making the process more environmentally friendly. Reinforcing damaged drainage systems with a polymer resin liner prevents build-up, corrosion, leakages, and root damage.

Pump Chamber Maintenance

Part of a septic tank’s operating system, the pump chamber will flush waste out if drainage gradients or pre-determined levels are not favourable. Once levels reach the inserted control float, the pump will automatically take over. A&D Drain Services maintains these systems to avoid overflowing.

Septic Tank Cleaning and Clearance

For properties without mains connections, septic tanks will collect all waste from a property and separate it into liquids and solids. As liquids are pumped into soakaways, we remove the solids from the tank and thoroughly clean the interior so they can’t build up over time.

Treatment Plant Servicing

A more advanced system, compared to cess pools and septic tanks, sewage treatment plants treat the waste water prior to drainage. This clean water can then flow into natural sources rather than soakaways. We maintain these systems to promote their environmentally friendly functions.

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