Drain Surveys

Drain Surveys in Chorley, Blackburn and the Surrounding Areas

If you had drainage issues in the past, the chances are the area surrounding your system would have been dug up in order to discover the problem. Not only time-consuming, your property would have been affected and the household severely disrupted. With modern technology comes more convenient and cost-effective services. Our professionals at A&D Drain Services Ltd can get to the root of any drainage problem swiftly with the use of CCTV cameras and hi-tech equipment.

Our drain survey facilities are available to all private, domestic, commercial and industrial clients in Chorley, Blackburn and the surrounding areas.

We also clear and repair blocked drains, empty and maintain septic tanks, and provide a comprehensive range of drainage services.

How It Works

By passing state-of-the-art cameras through a drainage system, we can ascertain what issue has occurred and where. These reliable assessments are recorded in real time so our clients can see for themselves any damage which will need to be addressed.

We will also provide a detailed report regarding what has been discovered, along with supporting video evidence.

Our drain surveys can locate the following issues quickly:

  • Blocked Drains
  • Collapsed Systems
  • Corrosion
  • Cracked Drains
  • Damaged or Loose Joints
  • General Wear and Tear
  • Infestation Problems
  • Leaks in the Pipework
  • Tree Root Damage

Our CCTV equipment is with us at all times so there’s no delay in finding the problem and dealing with it immediately.

The Benefits of Our Surveys

For our clients in Chorley, Blackburn and around the north-west region, A&D Drain Services can also provide in depth drain surveys for the following reasons:

Property Purchasing or Selling

If you have concerns relating to the home or property you plan to buy, we can use our specialist CCTV equipment to examine the pipework thoroughly. Alternatively, for sellers, you may want to ensure your property has no hidden issues which may delay the sale.

Insurance Claims

For any damage which has occurred at your property as a result of a failure in the drainage system, we can record the problem in real time for your insurance company. As standard, this will be supported by an official report from us at A&D Drain Services, and real time video evidence.

Cost-Effective and Time-Saving Solutions

The process of using CCTV cameras is significantly cheaper than having your property dug up. Not only that, as a professional company with over a century of experience between us, we get to the root of the matter much faster than if you tried to tackle the issue yourself.

All of our drainage services are provided with minimal disruption.

Please click onto the relevant pages to view images of our works throughout Chorley, Blackburn and the surrounding areas. These include the high-tech drain survey equipment we use and our fleet of specialised vehicles. We also have a number of testimonials online relating to past and present contracts throughout the north-west.