Blocked Drains and Septic Tanks in Chorley | The Equipment Used by A&D Drains Services in the North-West

Continuing on from our page about the vehicles we use when carrying out our comprehensive list of services in Chorley and the surrounding areas throughout the north-west, the following details the equipment A&D Drain Services Ltd has on hand to tackle all manner of drainage services. From blocked drains to surveys and the maintenance of septic tanks, we’re the number one company to call. Our drain unblocking services are highly renowned, and we pride ourselves on an excellent service and constant referrals from our large number of clients.

Our Essential Equipment

We operate a 24/7 emergency service, with private, domestic, commercial and industrial clients throughout the areas we cover relying on our professional services. Our trained team also works alongside local authorities to ensure public areas are free of blocked drains and other relevant inconveniences.

A&D Drain Services uses the following equipment to perform these necessary jobs:


Our mobile studio is incorporated into a Mercedes Sprinter 3.5 tonne van, which is also fitted with a tripod, winch and gas detector for safety purposes. We use a Rover/Wincan Version 8 full reporting system which is perfect for detailed insurance claims. The unit holds 180m of cable with a 4-wheel drive tractor unit.

The system can perform drain surveys on lines measuring 100-2,000mm in diameter, and it has its own generator for prolonged use. When required for investigating branch connections, we use a telephoto zoom pan and tilt camera. We also carry a portable CCTV system for 4” and 6” internal drains, with 100m of push rods.

Van Pac

Our jetting unit is fitted into a Volkswagen Crafter 3.5 tonne van and is used for unblocked 4”, 6” and 9” drainage systems. It is also capable of cleaning shorter sewer runs.

The unit carries 120 gallons of clean water, performing at 14 gallons per minute at 3,500psi.

For convenience, A&D Drain Services’ Van Pac also contains a portable CCTV unit with 60m of push rods. This is capable of surveying drains measuring 100-150mm in diameter.

Euro Vac

We use this system for deep sewer cleaning and dealing with larger pipework in Chorley and the surrounding areas. It cleans at 84 gallons per minute at 2,000psi through a 1” jetting hose. It also holds a ½” hose for smaller diameter pipework or gully connections. For sewer and wider pipework, measuring 150-2,000mm in diameter, our Euro Vac is the ideal unit.

The vacuum pump attached to the system can lift silt and debris from septic tanks, sewers and drains at 4,700 cubic feet per minute. We also use the unit for deep pump stations, interceptors, large silt pits and surface water storage pipes.

For blocked drains and a variety of drainage services, A&D Drain Services’ team is trained to operate efficiently in confined spaces, so no job in Chorley is a challenge.

We’re experts at what we do.

For further information about us, and the various services we provide for our growing list of clients, please contact us at the number below. From drain unblocking and surveys to the cleaning of septic tanks, we’re the company to call.