Blocked Drains

Blocked Drains in Blackburn, Preston and the Surrounding Areas

Not only can blocked drains cause annoyance, they can have a severe impact on your health as well as your property’s plumbing systems if not dealt with promptly. Obstructions within the pipework can cause delayed drainage issues and low pressure, both of which are frustrating. But serious blockages will lead to unsightly backups and potential flooding. Healthwise, ignoring the issue will cause breathing problems due to the smell of stagnant or waste water invading your home or premises in Blackburn or Preston.

A&D Drain Services are on hand to deal with all manner of blocked drains in the north-west. Not only that, we provide 24/7 emergency drainage services for our private, domestic, commercial and industrial clients throughout the year.

What Causes Blocked Drains?

There are a variety of reasons. Some are accidental and can be dealt with easily. Others are overlooked and develop over time, leading to damaged drains which require repair or replacement.
The following are the most common causes of blocked drains in the north-west:

Mother Nature

A&D Drain Services works with local authorities to ensure public drainage systems are clear of leaves, branches, dirt and stones. As they get caught up in flowing water, they’ll naturally end up in gullies and immediately cause blockages to occur. The same applies to your home or private property. If drains are allowed to backup due to a lack of maintenance, you run the risk of flooding and stoppage problems.

Tree Roots

Perhaps the most popular issue for public sewer systems and older properties, roots will automatically grow towards moisture. This is particularly prevalent where pipes are cracked or are already leaking.

A&D Drain Services can prevent pipework from being damaged in this way by carrying out regular drain surveys around your home or premises in Blackburn, Preston and the surrounding areas.

Personal Hygiene Products

Even if they are advertised as flushable, baby wipes cause continuous problems as they consistently clog up drains. It is believed their claim is based on the fact the wipes fit in the toilet, not that they disintegrate in the system. Local authorities spend millions every year dealing with this issue.

Paper towels, facial wipes, thicker toilet papers, feminine hygiene products, and other similar items are not meant to be flushed away. Toilets are designed to deal with biodegradable toilet paper, water and human waste only.


Naturally falling out on a daily basis, it’s essential to remove hair from bath, shower and sink plugholes to avoid an accumulation in the pipework. When brushing your hair, don’t clean the hairbrush over the sink either. It’s a simple thing we all do but it will inevitably lead to blocked drains. We also advise purchasing plug caps to collect the hair instead.

Fats, Grease and Oils

It’s so easy to rinse cooking pots and utensils under the tap before loading them into the dishwasher. But what’s been cleared down the drain can cause significant blockages as fats, grease and oils accumulate and form large balls of impassable waste. This is one of the main reasons A&D Drains Services are called out to clients in Blackburn and Preston.

In addition to this, make sure to clear plates and dishes from loose food particles before running them under the tap. General food waste can also cause serious problems in your property’s plumbing system. Even if you have a garbage disposal fitted, not every food item we consume can be cut down to miniscule amounts.

Wear and Tear

Naturally occurring in older properties where pipework hasn’t been upgraded, drains will disintegrate over time with joints failing. If the supporting earth around the drains begins to erode, the pipes will also sag. This will cause the flow of waste to slow down or stop completely.

Freezing temperatures can also result in wear and tear as the pipework contracts. Talk to us in Preston if you would like us to examine your drainage system before the winter months.

We have a number of recurring contracts with private, domestic, commercial and industrial clients throughout Blackburn, Preston and the north-west. To read through a selection of testimonials from past and present individuals and companies who have availed of our blocked drains and drainage services, please click onto the link.