Septic Tanks and Drain Unblocking in Blackburn and the Surrounding Areas | How Your Septic Tank Works

Depending on where you live in the north-west, you may not have the facilities to connect directly to a mains sewage system. If this is the case, you probably have a septic tank in place on your property. But do you know how it actually works? With modern technology and constant improvements in environmentally friendly systems, septic tanks are slowly being replaced by treatment plants but the general running of the units remains the same.

A&D Drain Services offers a range of drainage and unblocking services throughout Blackburn and the north-west for private, domestic, commercial and industrial clients, including local authorities. We clean and maintain septic tanks, perform drain surveys and clear blocked drains consistently, ensuring both public and private properties are functioning normally.

We also offer a 24/7 emergency service all year round.

How Septic Tanks Work

The average systems contains two sections which collect and hold the waste water from a property. The waste flows into one compartment and exits the other into a drainage field. Newer systems, as mentioned, now treat the clean water so it can be released naturally.

The waste from kitchens and bathrooms is collected in a septic tank. Heavy waste accumulates at the bottom over time where bacteria transforms it into sludge and gas. Grease and other lighter issue remains on the top, forming a layer of scum. With the liquid leaving the system, all that’s left will either decompose or remain in-situ, continuously gathering.

Eventually this waste will have to be removed or else it’s at risk of overflowing. And it is essential to use professional drainage companies to carry out this service.

When to Have the Tank Emptied

A&D Drain Services are on hand to advise our Blackburn clients about when is the right time to have a tank cleared. Ideally this is when the scum – the lighter solids – reach a depth of 3”, or the sludge at the bottom measures 12”. You can check these measurements by dipping the tank with a pole. But, if you’re unsure, please contact us.

Other signs you need to have the tank emptied include the following:

Based in Longridge, Preston, we’re the leading company to call for drainage services throughout Blackburn and the north-west. No job is too small for us. We’re fully prepared at all times to deal with blocked drains or overflowing septic tanks. Our drain surveys are reliable sources of information for ascertaining what drain unblocking systems to use, and we can also provide detailed reports, with supporting evidence, for insurance claims.